On Becoming a Webby Honoree

On Becoming a Webby Honoree

On April 5th, Yeti Society got an email, announcing that we are an Official Honoree in The 20th Annual Webby Awards in the Web: Professional Services category. We just wanna say, “We’d like to thank the Academy….”


No, really.  We would like to thank the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS) for choosing Yeti Society as a best-in-class site for professional services. When we started on this journey, we had no idea we would be so honored…. [cue teary sniffle here]

Honestly, it started off as kind of a joke – from one marketing manager to another. “Hey, do you wanna submit our site to the Webby Awards for fun?”  And the more we thought about it, the more legit that idea seemed.  We’re all pretty proud of all the hours and hard work our design team put in. We knew that the site had an unique feel that we’d never seen before. So after a sort of late night in our Irvine office, we decided, “Yeah. Let’s pull the trigger.” We submitted the site just hours under the deadline, and then promptly moved on with our lives.

Yeti Society Webby

When April 5th rolled around, we got an email in the ol’ inbox saying “The Webbys: Congratulations! You are an Official Webby Honoree”. We were stunned, to be honest. We launched in January. The site was still a V1 as far as we were concerned. We had big, bold plans on where we’re headed, but we definitely didn’t think we were THERE yet.

And still, we got the congratulations email, telling us that we stood out in the top 20% of submissions. Out of the 13000 submissions (that are often entered into multiple categories), we caught someone’s eye. It feels sort of like a metaphor for our team – out of all the groups of motley mutts, we all stand out in one way or another. This is what makes our team great- we’re a band of well-matched misfits who stand out from the crowd.

So we would like to thank the Academy for giving us an honorable mention (it’s killer for our SEO, you know); but more importantly, we’d like to thank everyone on our team who busted their butts to make this possible. Together, we’re bringing miracles to life.

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