Making an Appearance

Making an Appearance

The night was dark, the air was still, and we were all a little nervous as our excitement grew. That’s how our evening began the Saturday of our first event. After months of design and countless meetings, we were ready to unveil our new brand at the Yost Theater, in downtown Santa Ana. But before I get into the night’s events lets back up and talk about what went into preparing for the venue. After a soft-launch of our corporate site in January it was clear we wanted to draw-in people’s attention in a more engaging way. As such, we needed to think outside the box – particularly in regards to our marketing tactics. Taking into account our business partner (Exsilio Solutions) we needed to differentiate ourselves as a separate entity while building our brand awareness and getting the Yeti Society name out there. Consequently, it became clear if we are to target more local businesses we needed to get involved with the community in a meaningful way. What better approach than guerrilla marketing?

Now, I know what our readers must be thinking – we’ve heard of guerrilla warfare… but guerilla marketing, does that sort of thing exist? The simple answer is “yes” and it operates on many of the same principles. Organizations seeking conventional goals (such as a bump in profits, sales, and morale) are increasingly seeking unconventional methods on investments with energy rather than money. The truth is we are living a very different marketing landscape than years past. With the advent of everyone having their own YouTube channel, WordPress blog, and Twitter following – standing out can be challenging to say the least. What guerrilla marketing does is provide a grassroots door-to-door effort to connect our business with the local community.

This rise of this form of marketing strategy can be contributed to three factors:

  1. Devaluation of Big Business: Industry trends has shifted the “cool” factor to the little guy – people around the world are gravitating to smaller niche business in record numbers in an effort to revitalize local communities.
  2. Meaningful Impact: If you were to ask a large corporation what marketing means to them, their answer would be very different than a small business. Marketing goals are more often catered to individual companies and their KPIs. However, smaller businesses receive greater impact for lower investment. Guerilla marketing works for them because it is simple to understand, easy to implement, and ridiculously inexpensive.
  3. Word of Mouth: This point relates back to my previous comment about everyone having their own social media presence. If your guerrilla marketing approach can reach your audience in a meaningful way – chances are they are going to share it with their friends, coworkers, and relatives. If that flame catches on, then you’re looking at a wildfire – and bam! Your small business is now trending and has overnight become the local hot spot.

Taking this to heart we wanted to understand our target audience, their interests, and how to reach them in a way that was comfortable yet engaging. After some marketing research we determined we could make the most number of impressions and achieve our brand awareness goal if we hit the streets and got involved with the community to spread our word of mouth. What better venue for Yeti Society to make its debut than at the OC Beer and Music Festival ( To prepare for the event we had a custom Yeti suit made by Frank Coffman ( who does some amazing work with prosthetics and costume design! Additionally, since this was a beer fest, we made some cool swag (including a limited edition Yeti Society bottle opener) to pass out to attendees who took a photo with us!


If you had a chance to come out and hug our Yeti chances are we got a photo of you, so feel free to checkout our Instagram at We look forward to doing more of these events in the future and continuing to reach out to the community in new and interesting ways! Is your business looking for a similar guerilla marketing strategy? If so, reach out to us at

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